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Here you will find information on the practice of Soul Awareness Healing as well as the Practitioners who are bringing this highly efficient and effective form of energy healing into our world.


Soul Awareness Healing is a process by which the Practitioner, through a state of focused awareness, assists an individual in the energetic healing process by engaging the power of their Soul for the purpose of transformation and healing. Along with a variety of interdisciplinary healing techniques, SAH Practitioners are trained to work with the seven primary energy centers of the body, identified and known in Eastern medical healing practices as the Chakras.


The School's founder, Paul Ditscheit, has been practicing Soul Awareness Healing for over 22 years with far-reaching and amazing results. In an effort to educate others about this effective healing modality, Paul founded the School of Soul Awareness Healing in Madison, Wisconsin.


To learn more about Soul Awareness Healing or to explore the possibility of becoming a SAH Practitioner, you can make a one-on-one appointment with Paul Ditscheit or contact one of his certified Practitioners. Many people who have enrolled in the School of Soul Awareness Healing have supercharged their own healing process and in the process learned to take a more active role in healing themselves.

"I was once spiritually ill – we all pass through that – but one day the intelligence in my soul cured me."

– Meister Eckhart


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