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How are SAH Practitioners trained?


The School of SAH is located in Madison Wisconsin. Classes are designed to allow working adults to attend six consecutive (4-day) weekend Intensives over a two-year period. These Intensive Training Workshops begin on the Monday morning  at 9am and end am on Thursday. Between classes students are encouraged to develop and fine-tune their individual energetic healing skills by scheduling practice sessions. These practice sessions require no special equipment, only the willingness to set aside time for yourself and/or another person for the purpose of transformation and healing.


The Soul is the greatest teacher. It is perennially present and always willing to assist. In the process of learning about this highly accessible, simple healing process, SAH Practitioners discover the divine nature of their own Soul, and many, for the first time in their lives, discover who they really are.


To learn more about the School of Soul Awareness Healing and how it can supercharge your own healing process and transform your life, call Paul at 608-246-0750608-246-0750.


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"You are the pure perfect image of God – the soul."

– Paramahansa Yogananda


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