The Chakras and Soul Awareness Healing

The Charkas are the seven primary energy centers of the body. Depending on which philosophical perspective you take, Eastern or Western, each charka is associated with some aspect of the physical, spiritual or energetic realm of the body. Although there are more than seven energy centers associated with the body, these are the most universally identified and understood sources of life force energy. To reach optimal health, these energy sources must be open channels for the life force and this is where Soul Awareness Healing comes in:


Through the process of focused awareness, Soul Awareness Healing works with the client's Charkas to identify stuck and stagnant energy. By enlisting the power of the Soul, SAH practitioners then aid the client by identifying, revitalizing, and redirecting an individual's vital energy flow for the purpose of transformation and healing.


  Chakra Color Eastern View Western View

7. Crown

Violet All Elements: Spirituality Brain: Relaxation Response
6. Third Eye Indigo All Elements: Intuition Pituitary Gland: Stress Hormones
5. Throat Blue The Ether: Self-Expression Thyroid Gland: Metabolic Hormone
4. Heart Green Air: Compassion/Love Heart: Circulation/Blood Pressure
3. Solar Plexus Yellow Fire: Personal Power/Life Force Lungs: Deep Breathing
2. Abdomen Orange Water: Sexual Energy Adrenal Glands: Stress Response
1. Root Red Earth: Security/Groundedness Reproductive Organs: Sex Hormone

"The soul is made in God's image and when we become established in soul awareness, our personality begins to reflect God's goodness and beauty."

– Paramahansa Yogananda


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