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Who are these Practitioners


SAH Practitioners are simply people who have been drawn to this healing modality because they have witnessed or experienced the profound healing power of the Soul. They come from a great diversity of spiritual practices, cultures and perspectives. Ultimately, they are people who want to move beyond conceptual or intellectual approaches to healing, they want to prove it to themselves and they are people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work, because they know that the best way to learn is through experience.


SAH Practitioners have become believers through their own intimate experience with the healing power of the Soul. As one Practitioner exclaimed, "All my life I'd been searching for the "right" church, and through SAH, I found that church – it was inside of me!"


SAH Practitioners trained by Paul:

  • Elizabeth Mueller – Boulder CO: Elizabeth Joy Mueller Website
  • Vida Groman – Madison, WI: Pentimento
  • Robin Gorham – Bermuda & Boston MA: Contact through Paul
  • Katie Trott -Milwaukee, WI: Contact through Paul
  • Mary Buss – Minneapolis, MN: 952-836-9353952-836-9353
  • Mark Robers – Milwaukee, WI: Integrative Massage and Body Therapy
  • Kathleen Messinger – Madison, WI: 608-242-0034608-242-0034
  • Jim Messinger – Madison, WI: 608-242-0034608-242-0034
  • Julie Dieterle – Madison, WI: 608-231-3678608-231-3678
  • Vicki Marish – Fenimore, WI: Energy for Health LLC
  • Mary Beth Gwynn – Asheville, NC: marybethgwynn.com828-545-6487
  • Beverly DeGroot – Madison, WI: Contact through Paul
  • Pat Barone – Madison, WI: The Soul Heals
  • Laura Knop – Lake Bluff, IL: Rock Your Chakra
  • Jan Schoof – Grand Ledge, MI: 517 626-6855517 626-6855



" The soul is the background of our immensity not possessed and that can not be possessed."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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