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"Paul is a professional in every moment you work with him. More than that he is kind, compassionate, grounded, honest, sincere and playful. He has an incredible gift working with people to help them heal. Soul Awareness Healing has helped me to make significant changes that people in my life have noticed. The individual work that I did with him had an incredible impact in how I live my life and what I bring to everything I do. He helped me to move through some difficult areas where I was stuck and had lost hope. I highly recommend working with Paul.


Additionally, the Soul Awareness Healing training program has built on my skills as a therapist, Increased my presence and brought a new level of healing to the people I work with. Paul is a patient and talented teacher and healer."


Kathy Morgan, Ph.D.
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin


"Paul gave my healing journey-legs. His solid focused presence helped me to stay present to myself, as well as the healing power of the Soul. I remember one session in particular where I woke the next day feeling as if I had run a marathon. My legs ached, and it felt as if a million needles where poking at my feet, as if my lower extremities had been asleep for years and had suddenly decided to wake up. I could barely get out of bed. I am an athlete, and I knew immediately this was not about sore muscles. This was about energy. Energy, flowing back into my body, to heal and reconnect parts of myself that I had abandoned years ago. Paul's healing presence and the process of Soul Awareness Healing became the Ibuprofen for my Soul."


Bridget Birdsall, MFA
Writer, poet, teacher and visual artist


"Paul is someone I'd call ‘a blue-collar spiritual healer’. I mean that in the best sense. His refreshingly no-nonsense, practical style yields truly powerful, transformational results. He has grounded my frenzied intellect, accompanied me way ‘out there’; and we have dived deep into the immensity. He has helped me to ‘show up.’ And throughout our couple of years together, I have felt such relief, comfort, and gratitude for his rock-solid presence."


Jon Larkowski
Computer programmer


"I have known Paul for over 20 years in his capacity as a healer. He is one of the most compassionate and focused healers that I have worked with. His ability to "track" and discern what is going on at an energy level is incredibily high. I came into my initial session in tremendous pain and by the time the session was over, Paul had worked with me in such deep ways that I felt open, healed and ready to take my next steps in my life.

I have also had the great blessing of being one of Paul's students in his energy healing school. This two year program taught us how to track, perceive and heal energy disruptions and blocks. As a teacher, Paul is loving and supportive while at the same time holding high expectuations for each of his students. I continue to learn from his excellence.


I am grateful to Paul for guiding me on my healing journey and for his willingness to pass on his knowledge of energy and healing so that I can pay it forward with my clients."


Vida Gromam
M.S. Counseling, AEH, Certified Practitioner for Perceptual Thinking Patterns

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

– Oscar Wilde


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